Fox Renews Fringe for Fifth and Final Season

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Thirteen is a perfectly lucky number for fans of J.J. Abrams sci-fi thriller Fringe. Fox is bringing it back for a 13-episode fifth season. It will be the show’s last, allowing viewers to get closure for the characters they’ve fallen in love with.

This is good news for genre fans and show creator J.J. Abrams. His much publicized but low-rated Alcatraz is likely done. Time-travel drama Terra Nova went the way of the stegosaurus.  Fringe had the most loyal cult following of the three and four years of story built up. After its one-and-done genre efforts, the network earns some goodwill by allowing this show to finish its run.

Besides, Fox needs Fringe on the air for one more year. They are severely hurting for dramas. Alcatraz and Terra Nova were high-profile misfires for Fox. Yes, I’m calling Alcatraz a misfire even it somehow earns renewal. The Finder wasn’t as killed at finding viewers as he was at finding crooks. Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch comes with an impressive pedigree as the brainchild of Heroes creator Tim Kring.  It’s still a bubble show right now. Old reliable, crazy standby House will soon hurl his last insult, leaving another gaping chasm in the schedule. Fringe is coming back because not just of loyalty to the fans, but because Fox needs another year to find a replacement.

Before we get to Season 5, there are some issues to wrap up this year. The season ends on three new episodes building up to a two-part finale, May 4 and May 11. Let’s get weird, people.

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