At the End of the Day: Faces of Lincoln, Gays Singing of Straight Love and the Death of 3D

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“Don’t you think it’s time you had SEX! WITH! ME! CCCCCCCC Come on!”

A list of ten songs about sexy girls, sung by gay men (AV Club)

Songs ruined by the revelation of their true meanings (11 Points)

The most powerful TV shows of the past quarter-century (Mental Floss)

What was true and what wasn’t in “Argo” (Slate)

Sure to be one of the more talked-about aspects of Spielberg’s “Lincoln:” Many, many recognizable character actors, including Gale from Breaking Bad, Adam from Girls and the main guy from “A Serious Man” (Los Angeles Times)

A look back at 16 years of failed Richard Pryor biopics (Splitsider)

An in-depth explanation of “Weird Twitter” (Slacktory)

Why the very concept of zombies is stupid and makes no sense (Reddit)

Signs the in-theater 3D boom is dying out (The Wrap)

Did these quotes come from the Real Housewives reunion, or the presidential debate? (

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