Nic Cage to Star in Left Behind Series Remakes

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So the rapture has arrived, but it isn’t just the ‘true believers’ who will find bliss in the heavenly realm. The rest of us, left here on Earth will count our blessings in a remake of the Christian-themed apocolyptic film series “Left Behind,” starring big-screen demi-god Nicolas Cage. Though the news is still ‘unofficially offical,’ negotiations are currently in place, reports Filmdrunk.

In the debut by Stoney Lake Entertainment, production will be led by Paul Lalonde of faith-oriented Cloud Ten Pictures, who wrote and produced the original trilogy between 2001 and 2005 with leading actor Kirk Cameron. Michael Walker is co-writing the script with John Patus, who wrote the second sequel to the original, Left Behind: World at War.

The series is based on the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins-penned massive book series of the same name, first launched in 1995 and selling over 65 million copies worldwide to date. The project is budgeted at around $15 million and is expected to be put into production in early 2013 with a projected release for the end of the year.

As an avid, unabashed, non-ironic Nic Cage fan, I am truly excited for this one.

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