Clark Kent Quits the Daily Planet in Latest Issue of Superman

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Meet Superman, a powerful Kryptonian visitor to Earth who masquerades as Clark Kent, mild-mannered…blogger? New Superman writer Scott Lobdell has decided it’s time for Kent to go job hunting.

In “Superman #13,” available Wednesday, he quits the Daily Planet. The newspaper has been an important part of his world since 1940, when the character first leaped tall buildings in a single bound. There have been a few changes in the media since then. Lobdell’s will acknowledge as Kent searches for a different means to dispense truth and justice.

The writer told USA Today Kent has a “Jerry Maguire” moment. He’s frustrated with the “celebrity centric” direction journalism is going in. Entertainment reporter Cat Grant quits the newspaper also. Lobdell said the pair will be more likely to start the next “Huffington Post or Drudge Report” than another paper. Could working in close quarters create some romantic sparks for the pair? When DC started its “New 52″ in 2011, it restarted its history so Clark and Lois Lane are no longer married. They’re not even involved currently, as Superman and Wonder Woman are seeing each other.

Of course, nobody is reading Superman because they don’t get enough of The Newsroom. A new Kryptonian, H’el, is on the scene. He sees Supes not as an enemy, but as a tragically naive Kryptonian raised in Kansas. This guy’s agenda will unfold in Lobdell’s first major storyline, H’el on Earth.

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