Blu-ray Review: Maximum Conviction

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Anchor Bay brings us a clash of the Stevens with “Maximum Conviction,” a copy of which they sent for use to review. If you like Steves, and you like action, then you should be downright enamored with this one.

“Maximum Conviction” brings us Steven Seagal and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a pair of commandos who turned private security contractors. A little mercenary of them, granted, but you do what you must in an economy like this one. Anyway, our pair of contractors have a new assignment: to head down to a former military prison and escort a group of prisoners home.

The problem is that another group of contractors has a similar mission, except with two female inmates. You’d think that the two sets of contractors would extend a little professional courtesy and stay out of each others’ way, but you’d be quite wrong. The bullets and fists start flying, and the rest of the prisoners decide they want in on the action too. Now with madmen, mercenaries and worse roaming the grounds, it’s going to be a blood-soaked free-for-all to see who gets out alive…and who doesn’t.

It takes a while to get this one started, but once it does, after about a half hour in, it will proceed along at a decent clip. The whole affair is a bit on the predictable side, and virtually nothing here doesn’t go according to Hoyle in some fashion. That’s a bit distressing, in all honesty, as this whole thing is little more than your basic action shoot-em-up. Though there are plenty of people–me included–who enjoy a little of the straight action from time to time, this one isn’t going to bring much of anything new to the table. Sure, there are a couple of nice twists involved, but for the most part, this is going to be a profoundly cookie-cutter experience like most any other action film out there.

“Maximum Conviction” isn’t necessarily bad, you understand–it does what it does reasonably well, it’s a competently put-together overall affair and hasn’t exactly dropped the ball–but it just isn’t anything particularly impressive or particularly unique. Nope, this is just another in a long string of ciphers that might as well just come in a plain brown wrapper that reads “Action Movie” on the front of it.

Action buffs will almost certainly enjoy “Maximum Conviction,” as will anyone who doesn’t particularly mind a little shot of more of the same. Still, it’s worthwhile enough, and sufficiently entertaining that most folks should at least make this a worthwhile rental.

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  • Hunter

    Thanks for posting your review, Steve; I just hope that you weren’t overly kind to this film because you belong to the secret brotherhood of Steves. I saw the trailer for Maximum Conviction, and it looked pretty cheesy to me. That’s just what I have been looking for. I have a weekly contest with a few of my DISH coworkers, to see who can find the best/worst B movie, and I think I just found this week’s winner. I have the Blockbuster @Home rental service from DISH, and I just added Maximum Conviction to the top of my rental queue. It should get here just in time for this weeks viewing party.