At the End of the Day: Kevin and Jenny Forever, Bond Kills Lincoln, SNL is Back and More

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Don’t drop Chalupa

Why The League‘s Kevin and Jenny are the best couple on TV (Alyssa Rosenberg)

A subway poster placement in New York indicates that James Bond, not John Wilkes Booth, killed President Lincoln (Copyranter)

Why Saturday Night Live is on the comeback trail (GQ)

Courtney Love is reportedly working on a musical about Nirvana, but because the project’s existence came out as part of the lawsuit between Britney Spears and her manager- and because it’s Courtney Love- don’t expect it to surface anytime soon (Vanity Fair)

Did you see “Cloud Atlas” and want to know what the hell was going on? This podcast helps explain (Slate’s Spoiler Special)

When James Cameron is done making “Avatar” sequels in about a decade, he’s planning to make a movie called “The Informationist” (Deadline)

Sorry, nerds: the revamping of G4 means the end of Attack of the Show (TV Guide)

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