Box Office Report: “Argo” Finally Grabs Top Spot

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) “Argo,” $12.3M. A feel-good movie with substance is unstoppable–at the box office and at Oscar time.

2.) “Hotel Transylvania,” $9.5M. If I ever wind up writing that a movie is “scaring up” big box office, Scott Renshaw has permission to hit me in the head with a large frying pan.

3.) “Cloud Atlas,” $9.4M. I think what will doom its chances is how the trailers couldn’t explain the movie’s concept. (I dug the movie, actually.)

4.) “Paranormal Activity 4,” $8.7M. You know what’s scary? A movie losing more than $20 million between its first and second weeks.

5.) “Taken 2,” $8M. Tied with “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.” Do with that information what you will.

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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