Streets Ahead! ‘Community’ to Return in February

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NBC’s cult favorite Community, which had its October premiere indefinitely postponed, finally has a return date.

The show will return at 8 p.m. (Eastern) Thursday, Feb. 7, according to a tweet posted Tuesday by cast member Yvette Nicole Brown. It’s unknown whether Thursdays at 8 will remain the show’s timeslot for its entire 13-episode run; it ran in that slot last season.

The show’s fourth season, the first without departed creator Dan Harmon, was originally scheduled to run on Fridays, but the network pulled it a few weeks ago, announcing that it would return to the schedule as a midseason replacement.

Community fans are thrilled the return is on the horizon, but it’s sort of far away: the NFL season is about half over, and the Community premiere will air a few days after the Super Bowl.

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