DVD Review: Snowmageddon

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With Halloween now in place, and the official start to horror movie season now quite thoroughly in play, we’ve got something from Anchor Bay to kick off the season, as they sent out a copy of Snowmageddon for us to review. And this particular go-round will be something quite unusual indeed.

Snowmageddon takes us up to Normal, Alaska, where the populace is about to settle its collective brains for a long winter’s nap. It’s Christmas Eve in Normal, and strangely enough, not a flake of snow has fallen thus far. As Normal contemplates the distinctly not-normal situation of a green Christmas in Alaska, things start getting weird. How weird? How about earthquakes? Not weird enough? How about random ice meteors falling out of the sky and into Normal? How about underground spikes? Oh, and that’s all before the volcano gets fired up in earnest….

If this sounds familiar to you, then you watch a lot of SyFy Channel. This was actually part of the SyFy Original lineup, though just how “original” you actually find this one will be at least somewhat dependent on your inherent sense of charity. While it does actually bear some resemblance to some earlier releases, it’s hard to shake the note of originality inherent in this one. Normally, disasters in these kinds of movies are caused by weird astronomical phenomenon or the like, this one has a much different cause than the ordinary, one that might surprise. In all honesty, it surprised me.

I’ve seen several SyFy Channel “Original” pictures that were about as original as, say, leaves on a tree, but this one was not only genuinely original, it was also fairly unique. I say “fairly”, of course, because there’s more than a little familiar ground in this one, but in what may well be a first–or something like it–for SyFy,  Snowmageddon does not look exactly like something I’ve already seen with a few names switched around.

watches like a strange blend of Ice Quake and Jumanji, and frankly, I never thought I’d put those two names together in the same sentence outside of a dream I might have following a meal involving tainted burritos. But it has that same kind of surrealist disaster movie quality interspersed with childlike wonder and then shot through with a healthy dose of low budget. The end result is at once quite watchable and surprisingly fun, though the ending is somewhat of a letdown, and feels more tacked on for added twist value than anything else.

Still, Snowmageddon is an impressive doozy that should entertain, especially those who dig their disaster movies, or want a slice of something different in the way of Christmas movie.

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  • Hunter

    Thank you for reviewing Snomageddon, Steve. I think this is just the movie that I have been looking for. I have a little contest with a few of my fellow horror loving coworkers at DISH. Each week we try to find the worst/best B Movies out there, and then we watch them in a big marathon on Saturdays. Snowmageddon looks like it could be a “winner”. I just added it to the top of my DISH Blockbuster @Home rental queue, and I should have it just in time for movie night. I can always count on SyFy to deliver when it comes to B movies.