Rest in Peace, Star-Burns

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Fans of NBC’s cult sitcom Community were shocked last Thursday to learn that the character of Star-Burns, a community college student known for his stoner demeanor and eponymous, unusually-shaped facial hair, had died in a mobile meth-lab explosion.

The sad news came at the closing moments of the episode, an elaborate parody of Law & Order, with shocking news coming via last minute phone call itself a spoof of a common L&O convention. The character’s funeral will take place in Thursday’s episode, according to Entertainment Weekly.  

The actor who played Star-Burns, Dino Stamatopoulos, is something of a behind-the-scenes comedy legend, having served on the writing staff of the original Late Night With Conan O’Brien as well as Community itself and various shows in between. He’s also, despite his youthful appearance, in his late 40s. Stamatopoulos told EW that he asked his character to be killed off because he’s not an actor and wanted to focus on his writing role.

Here’s a web short in which Star-Burns appeared:

Star-Burns may be dead, but Magnitude lives on.

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  • Nero Toxin

    No mention of morale oral or frankenhole? Wtf?

    Btw Dino… make more frankenhole. I’ll voice over if I have to.