“The Help” Director Tate Taylor Replacing Spike Lee on James Brown Biopic

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Tate Taylor has gotten the very lucrative gig of directing a movie based on James Brown’s life story. Spike Lee, who began working on a script in 2006 after Brown’s death, is no longer connected. His script is out as well. Lee wanted Wesley Snipes to play Brown, but the actor’s arrest for income tax evasion crushed those plans. Eddie Murphy, famous for his Brown impressions, was next up.

With a different director, all this may change. Taylor’s “The Help” was critically acclaimed but controversial. Its tale of black maids holding white families together falls into the “white savior” film category. Nothing improves for the downtrodden black characters until Emma Stone’s character realizes how horribly racist everything is.

Mick Jagger, a lifelong fan of “The Godfather of Soul,”  is co-producing with the family’s blessing. But critics including the author of this piece are worried the actor who plays Brown may end up being the only person of color working on this project.

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