LIfe’s Still a Happy Song: McKenzie Music to Return for Muppet Sequel

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Bret McKenzie duets with Kermit

When “The Muppets” was released a year ago this month, one of the better things about it were a half-dozen standout original songs, written by former Flight of the Conchords member Bret McKenzie. The songs were both insanely catchy and true to the spirit of earlier Muppet films, and one of them, “Man or Muppet,” earned McKenzie a Best Original Song Oscar.

News broke Monday, via, that McKenzie will return for the film’s sequel, which is set to begin filming in London this January with an eye towards a December release date. As previously reported, director James Bobin will return, along with co-screenwriter Nicolas Stoller, although Jason Segel will not be back.

The report also stated a new Muppet may debut.

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