At the End of The Day: Back to Casablanca, Free Sons, Lloyd Dobler Goes Limbaugh and More

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Don’t play it again, Sam!

You must remember this: a sequel to “Casablanca” is NOT a good idea (Indiewire)

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has offered to buy 5,000 copies of last Tuesday’s episode of the show, on Amazon Instant Video, for those who missed it due to the hurricane (Who Say)

John Cusack will play Rush Limbaugh in a new biopic; other than the complete lack of physical or political resemblance, I see no problem with this idea (Salon)

“Odd Man Out,” a new documentary about Roman Polanski’s statutory rape case, will air on Showtime next year. The laudatory doc about how Jerry Sandusky was railroaded and should be set free has no release date yet (The Wrap)

In the world’s most inevitable news, Nicolas Cage has joined the case of “The Expendables 3″ (Collider)

On the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” and its overuse in movies like “Flight” (Wall Street Journal)

Another problem with “Flight”: the wrong character got credit for landing the plane (The Atlantic)

Peter Jackson’s nonfiction film about the West Memphis Three case, “West of Memphis,” has a trailer. Because other than the three already, which played a huge role in getting three innocent men freed from prison, it’s about damn time someone made a documentary about that case (Deadline)

The author of a book called “Cloud Atlas”- which has nothing to do with the movie or the book it’s based on- talks about how the movie has changed his life (The Awl)

Why no one understands the box office numbers (Columbia Journalism Review)

Ben Folds Five wants to become the “house band” for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats (NBC Sports)

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