Disney/Lucasfilm Deal Likely Ends Clone Wars Run on Cartoon Network

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“Star Wars” has all kinds of contracts and legal entanglements that new owner Disney is working out. One that seems like a foregone conclusion is the fate of Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars show

It has been a ratings winner for Cartoon Network, whose parent company Time Warner worked out a new deal after each season. It’s set in the time period during which Anakin Skywalker is still a young, heroic Jedi Knight. He fights alongside his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi and is an all-around good guy. Boy, some younglings who have never seen the first Star Wars trilogy are in for a shocker when the time comes.

Cartoon Network was a logical destination for the show among Time Warner’s channels. Lucasfilm’s new owner, Disney, has a destination that would be much more profitable for them: Disney XD. That network targets young boys and the advertisers that sell them action figures, video games and building sets.  Clone Wars ended October as the top rated show in its timeslot for boys aged 9-14. In a conference call after the merger, Disney CEO Robert Iger even mentioned that the channel would be a perfect fit for a Star Wars show. He didn’t call Clone Wars by name, but it doesn’t take a Jedi master to see this move coming. Cartoon Network has rights to reruns, but it’s not certain how long.

There’s also a strong chance Disney will bring balance to its Force by moving Star Wars comic book rights from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel. That’s what happened to BOOM! Studios Disney comics, so there’s a precedent in place.

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