From Harry to Hairy – David Yates to Direct ‘Tarzan’

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The king of the jungle is back, but this time David Yates (who helmed the last four “Harry Potter” films) will be directing this epic tale about a man raised by apes.

According to an exclusive on Vulture, Yates has just commited to directing the big-screen adaptation of Edgar Burrough’s “Tarzan” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The project has been in development for years with producer Jerry Weintraub (“Ocean’s Eleven”). Now that Warner Bros. has secured a director, things should get rolling pretty quickly. Surely, Yates will take the magic he conjured in the wizarding world and use it to conquer the jungle.

He hasn’t chosen a cast yet, but he is meeting with actors like Henry Cavilll (“Man of Steel”), Charlie Hunnam (“Pacific Rim”), and Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood).

Who do you think would look best in a loincloth? My vote’s Cavill.

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