DVD Review: ‘Meet The Browns’ Season 7

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Me and Tyler Perry films have a longstanding relationship; most of the time his stuff rubs me the wrong way, often by using a leaf blower comprised totally of drama and wind. But one thing that has always proven an exception was “Meet The Browns”. The folks at Lions Gate are reuniting me with the fun of Meet The Browns by sending a copy of Meet The Browns Season 7. Would the fun carry on? Or are the best days over for the Browns?

Meet The Browns Season 7 follows Mr. Leroy Brown, a man who, in compliance with a death-bed promise his father extracted from him, has turned his house into a nursing home, which he dubbed Brown Meadows. Said nursing home has drawn some of the wildest old folks around looking for a place to stay. But it’s not just crazy old folks that have found their way into Mr. Brown’s unusual care; his rather extended family has also taken up residence, mostly to help out with the old folks and keep Mr. Brown sane. They’ll have a variety of adventures, most of which will be hilarious.

The down side here is that, for the most part, the old folks moved out of Brown Meadows, so a good chunk of the comedy is lost. Thankfully, Perry’s ability to write comedy is showing through in fine form here, and I found myself laughing regularly throughout the proceedings. Tyler Perry’s work has always had essentially two settings: lighthearted comedy and stark nightmarish melodrama. While virtually everything Perry has done has had at least some of both in it, his general tendency is to gradually, irrevocably, slide from one to the other. While “Meet The Browns” has occasionally had its share of melodrama, it’s always been heavy on the comedy. Season 7 will prove to be no exception, and there will be plenty of great laughs in this one.

It’s nice to see that Perry, who has a proven talent to bring the funny into work, has actually chosen to exercise that talent, put his propensity for horrendous levels of super-drama on the shelf, and just let the funny go. Meet The Browns Season 7 has plenty of laughs as all–or at least most–of the drama takes a holiday and lets Brown be Brown. Once again, the cast is a good as I remember them, featuring David Mann as the always hilarious Leroy Brown, backed up by a spectacularly able cast of misfits.

Meet The Browns Season 7 is an untrammeled joy, and for those times when life gets you down and you need a good laugh, just ask what Brown can do for you.


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