Dwayne Johnson, Brett Ratner to Deliver ‘Hercules’

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During Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling days, it wasn’t uncommon for commentators to say he had the body of a Greek god. Hollywood agrees, and he will be the latest musclebound action icon to portray Hercules. Brett Ratner will direct a tale adapted from the Radical Studios graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars. Paramount and MGM will co-produce the project.

We don’t know yet how close they’ll stick to the source material. In the book, the Thracian king summons Hercules and six of his friends to train the Thracian army. All the killing makes Hercules question the life he’s led, and the bloodshed he’s caused. Thus he begins a quest for redemption. With Johnson in the title role, this is probably a shirtless quest.

Hercules and his exploits have been thrilling audiences for thousands of years. The son of Zeus has appeared in countless plays, cartoons and movies. Actors including Arnold Schwarzenegger have played the handsome hero. Badly dubbed films starring actors of obvious physical status but questionable acting ability are almost a film genre of their own. Hercules’ saga took a campy TV turn in the 90s with a live action series that launched Kevin Sorbo into pop culture icon status.

Johnson’s stepping into big sandals where Hercules is concerned. I think he’s got the charisma and the chiseled abs to pull it off.

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