DVD Review: Duck Dynasty Season One

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Our friends out at A&E sent over one of their most unique titles to date. This one’s going to be quite a bit different from anything you’ve seen lately, not just because of its overall idea, but also because of the individual parts of it. It’s Duck Dynasty: Season One, and it’s going to be a slice of something very, very different, and very, very clever.

Duck Dynasty: Season One follows the Robertsons, who may well be the best-loved family in Louisiana. They’re not famous–well, they are now–but they’re a success story nonetheless. The Robertsons created the Duck Commander line of duck calls and decoys, built from recovered swamp wood and shown to be a match for any on the market. Local boys made good to the extreme, the Robertsons aren’t exactly used to success, so we’ll follow them as they discover that the world is different when you run a successful business. As the business grows, and the family finds its lives progressively more changed by it, they’ll struggle to keep their operation running and their lifestyles as unchanged as possible.

There are several different levels of appeal in this one, as we get the comedy–and occasional drama–of a family story, the comedy and, again, occasional drama of a new business story, and of course, the comedy and, yes, occasional drama related to the both of them combined. Combining all these separate angles into one handy package, as Duck Dynasty does, creates something else wildly unexpected.

Naturally, the members of the family are a big part of the laughs here; sometimes these boys just aren’t interested in the work of running the business, and set off to do a variety of other tasks instead, tasks that often don’t make a lot of sense or are only peripherally related to the business, like a plan to build a “testing facility” behind the factory that involves making a small pond out behind the building. One of the episodes is actually entitled “Redneck Logic”. With a title like that you know something absolutely dire is going to happen, and it does, starting with the explosive demolition of a duck blind. That’s actually only a very minor spoiler.

Admittedly, shows like “Toddlers and Tiaras”, “Bayou Billionaires” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” have brought the redneck into a kind of vogue, but this is a lot more than just another show about rednecks. These guys have genuine business issues, which is in and of itself a big surprise. How many businesses out there could stand a lesson in the exact same things that the folks at Duck Commander have to go through? That’s valuable above and beyond the entertainment value that “Duck Dynasty” offers, and there’s plenty of that here.

Duck Dynasty: Season One is a terrific entry to most anyone’s television collection, and will not only make you laugh, but it will do something that many television shows can never aspire to: it will likely make you think besides.

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