DVD Review: The Yummy Gummy: Search For Santa

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Sometimes something comes my way that just defies all logic and good common sense, and that’s exactly what I’m getting a faceful of today with The Yummy Gummy: Search For Santa. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent this one over, and while I’m sure the kids are going to get a charge out of this adorable candy treat bouncing around and singing adorably, the grownups may want to leave the house when this one’s on.

The Yummy Gummy: Search For Santa follows Gummibar, the recent YouTube sensation responsible for the alleged song “I Am A Gummy Bear”. I’m told it’s music, but it doesn’t sound like music so much as it sounds like a computer slowly dying of asphyxiation on its own electronic vomit. Anyway, Gummibar, along with his “wacky misfit friends”–which I am assured they are by the back of the box–are for reasons that are somewhat unclear (but involve aliens) tasked to go hunt up a missing Santa Claus, which will drag the Gummibar crew over half the globe in a bid to find the missing icon of Christmas. What they ultimately find, meanwhile, will be quite unlike anything they expected.

Of course, the big draw here is the bear and his alleged musical styling, as this fifty minute performance will offer up several different songs to its credit, including such musical luminaries as “Christmas Is Coming”, a song about a “nuki” (which I’m guessing is a pacifier of some kind), and of course, the masterpiece known only as “I Am A Gummi Bear”, played by a Gummibar doll Santa brings within the first three minutes of the movie. Yes, you read that right, not three minutes in and the movie is hawking its own merch. It’s a wonder there wasn’t a pop-up window along with it saying “Kids! Buy this Gummibar doll at toy stores everywhere!”

While the rest of the movie isn’t exactly a high point as far as even children’s filmmaking goes–there are a couple of genuinely clever points in here and a good morality lesson or two–this should be a decent one to let the kids go to town on for the better part of an hour whilst Mom and Dad or whatever relevant adult is in play goes to wrap presents or the like. The kids should enjoy it even if the folks don’t, and in the end, that’s good enough for many.

The Yummy Gummy: Search For Santa is preaching strictly to the choir, and frankly, it’s not doing that great a job of it. But still, for its intended market, it should at least fare reasonably well.

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