Mini-Movie Review: “Framing Paterno”

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What was the worst part about the Jerry Sandusky case: the abused children? The cover-up? The embarrassment to a great university? That the media said too many mean things about Joe Paterno?

If you believe the latter, the new “mini-movie,” “Framing Paterno,” is for you:

Aside from the questionable facts, “Framing Paterno” is nothing less than an act of moral bankruptcy, for one simple reason: It has much, much more anger about the circumstances under which Joe Paterno was fired than it does about the unchecked molestation of several children.The two things aren’t remotely comparable, and the film’s failure to see that is what makes it utterly contemptible.

 See my full review of it at Philadelphia Magazine’s The Philly Post. 

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