Michael Bay Will Cameo on ‘The Neighbors’

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The Neighbors, ABC’s sitcom about aliens masquerading as suburbanites, is critically reviled but a hit with audiences. An upcoming guest star can relate to that experience.  TV Line reports director Michael Bay will play himself in an upcoming episode.

Bay will run into Jami Gertz’s character in a nightclub. A scene from season one implied an extraterrestrial origin for the “Transformers” director.  Characters marveled at the authenticity of his alien depictions. Despite critics branding it one of the seasons worst shows, The Neighbors earned a full season pickup. It has averaged 6.8 million viewers in ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block.

Nashville, a critical darling for ABC, is struggling in the ratings. Viewers are again showing us how little we know about what they want to see. Oh well, at least we all seem to be in agreement on Scandal.

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  • JJ Goode

    That’s pretty neat. I know that he has a lot of negative appeal, but Michael Bay is good at explosions. Most of my friends that work with me at DISH have at least enjoyed a few of his movies, and we also get plenty of laughs out of The Neighbors, too. It’s a dependable show for laughs, so I’m saving the whole first season to my DISH Hopper. I’m sure that I’ll feel nostalgic from time to time, and I have a DVR with enough memory to save it, along with everything else on my TV list. Cheers to Bay and the aliens.