Crowd-Sourced Documentaries On the Way For Bruce, Beatles

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A few years ago, a concert documentary was released called “Awesome, I F-ckin’ Shot That,” which was assembled together after The Beastie Boys handed out video cameras to fans at a Madison Square Garden concert.

The film wasn’t that great, didn’t do especially well, and isn’t really thought of as one of the touchstones of Beasties history; when Adam Yauch died earlier this year, the project was barely mentioned in obituaries, even though Yauch directed it.

However, the idea behind it is apparently the next big thing in music, with a pair of upcoming user-generated music documentary projects on the way from two of the most iconic musical artists of all time: Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles.

Last week, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions announced plans to produce “Springsteen and I,” a “user-generated” documentary about The Boss. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will consist of short films of fans around the world sharing their impressions of Bruce. The film is directed by Baillie Walsh, who will hopefully persuade Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey to allow fans besides himself to participate in the project.

Meanwhile, the surviving Beatles have okayed a movie project that takes the idea retro. According to The Wrap, product company OVOW will “scour the globe” for fans’ footage of Beatles concerts between 1963 and 1966. A promotional trailer has been released for the project, which is titled “Beatles Live!”

At least it’s not another hologram…

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