“Intouchables” Remake May Feature Chris Tucker

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There’s been much talk about an American remake of “The Intouchables,” the immensely (and mysteriously) popular French comedy-drama exploring the real-life relationship between a wealthy, white quadriplegic (François Cluzet) and his black, street smart assistant (Omar Sy).

Collider reported earlier that Colin Firth was being eyed for the Cluzet role, with Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”) directing the remake, now known as “Untouchables.” Does this movie also feature a reference to “Potemkin”?

Another actor being courted is comedian Chris Tucker, fresh off delivering a winning performance in the insufferable “Silver Linings Playbook.” The scoop came during Tucker’s interview with

Have you seen “The Intouchables”? Would you consider doing the remake?

TUCKER: I’ve seen it and yes, I have been talking with them (producers) about doing it. I hope something will come out of it because I really like the movie and they are in the process of getting it together. So there’s a possibility that it might happen.

I hope it doesn’t. The one nice thing about “Silver Linings Playbook”–which I’ve seen–is it takes Tucker away from the motor-mouthed routine that grew so irritating. “The Intouchables” requires exactly the kind of show-stopping, let-me-do-my-stuff  act that turns unknowns, like Sy, into stars. But if the role is an excuse to have a known actor peddle his wares, that could go grow really old in a hurry.

Don’t do it, Chris. We’re just starting to like you again.

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