Trailer for David Fincher/Kevin Spacey Netflix Series House of Cards Debuts

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House of Cards, Netflix’s other, non-Arrested Development big gamble on original content released its first trailer yesterday. Back in May while doing press for the series, star Kevin Spacey made sure to use the tag line “It ain’t your daddy’s West Wing.” From the looks of the trailer he appears to be right.

Based on an acclaimed BBC series from the 90s House of Cards will be a dark, cynical look at Washington politics, filled with venal, duplicitous characters motivated by nothing but greed, lust, and a thirst for power. Spacey will star as a ruthless conservative Congressman who schemes his way to the top along with his ultra-ambitious wife.

Back in the heyday of mid-aughts HBO I always wondered why there was no Washington D.C. set show in the mold of The Sopranos, or Deadwood, or Rome. Bush-era (or maybe any era really) Washington seemed ripe for a lurid series showing it as a world of backroom deals and endless scheming as opposed to the West Wing approach of showing it as mostly a world of idealistic do-gooders. It appears we finally have that series, though it’s going to be on Netflix, not HBO.

As is the Netflix custom, all 13 episodes of the first season of House of Cards will be made available on Netflix at once on February 13, 2013. See the full trailer below and ponder how long it’s going to take for the Kevin Spacey character’s fourth wall breaking to get annoying:

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