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But Jules! I grew up in What!

“Let the Dead be Dead”- a well-deserved rebuke to the cultural necrophilia that is hologram-mania (Jezebel)

Descriptions of individual Breaking Bad episodes that might as well apply to the series itself (The Hairpin)

The real-life police commissioner of Baltimore refers to The Wire, a show often critical of the city’s police bureaucracy, as “that stupid show” and refuses to speak its name out loud (North Baltimore Patch.)

Critics showed up at a screening of “The Avengers” only to discover that the film, transmitted to the projector as a digital file, had been deleted (Buzzfeed)

A long profile detailing how Samuel L. Jackson “became his own genre.” (New York Times Magazine)

Veteran music writer William S. Repsher on the catchiness of that “We Are Young” song (Positively Catherine Street)

The movie “College Republicans,” a mainstay of the annual Black List, apparently is not proceeding with production (Film Buff Online.)

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