History Channel Reunites ‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Producer and Writer on ‘Texas Rising’

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Hatfields & McCoys was a smash for History Channel. It drew 16 Emmy nominations and five wins, including Kevin Costner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries. His co-star Bill Paxton got nominated in the same category.  The mini-series got excellent ratings on Memorial Day weekend, not traditionally a TV hotspot. More importantly, it may have carved out a niche for actual history-themed entertainment on the History Channel.

World War II documentaries just weren’t bringing in the ratings, so History Channel joined in the reality TV craze. It launched shows such as Swamp People and Pawn Stars, justifying them under a tagline that history is “Made Every Day.”

Executive producer Leslie Greif and co-writer Ted Mann have another six-hour mini-series in mind. Texas Rising will deal with the turbulent formation of the Lone Star State, and feature the birth of the Texas Rangers. It will also chronicle their part in Texas’ secession from the United States. Hey, there are still people in Texas talking secession, so that topic is timelier than anyone would have guessed in 2012.

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