Casey Affleck to Direct Josh Hamilton Biopic

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Baseball star Josh Hamilton may be a free agent who hasn’t picked a team yet for next year, but he did make one big deal this week.

A biopic of the slugger, to be directed by Casey Affleck, has been set up at Relatively Media, Deadline reported. The film is based on Hamilton’s autobiography, “Beyond Belief: Finding The Strength To Come Back.”

Hamilton’s story is certainly worthy of the screen. A prep phenom, Hamilton was the #1 overall pick in the baseball draft, but fell into calamitous drug addiction during his years in the minor leagues. But Hamilton mounted a comeback, winning the MVP award in 2010 and leading the Texas Rangers to a pair of World Series appearances. Hamilton has credited his success to his Christian faith and the love of his wife.

The film is already set up as a Christian-tinged sports story, which was a hugely successful combination for “The Blind Side” a few years ago. And while his brother may be this year’s hot director, Casey Affleck previously directed the infamous but very entertaining Joaquin Phoenix performance art/hoax documentary “I’m Still Here.”

There’s no word on casting, but just for resemblances’ sake, it’s got to be either Andrew Lincoln (from The Walking Dead) or Jeremy Sisto, right?

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