Tim Burton is Remaking ‘Pinocchio’

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Tim Burton, celebrated director of cinematic macabre, is officially working on a live-action adaptation of the classic ‘Pinocchio’ childrens story. Robert Downey Jr will star as Geppetto and most recently, Jane Goldman (‘Kick Ass,’ ‘X-Men: First Class’) is in talks of writing a new screenplay for the film, reports Hollywood Reporter.

An original draft was written by Bryan Fuller (‘Pushing Daisies’) but the network may decide to use Goldman’s version instead.

Most famously depicted in Disney’s 1940 animated film of the same name, ‘Pinocchio,’ a novella by Italian Carlo Collodi, tells the story of a woodcarver Geppetto who creates a wooden puppet who comes to life. The puppet’s nose grows whenever it tells a lie and after going missing, Geppetto is dstraught and sets out to find his friend.

The film will be produced by Dan Jinks. There is no further information available concerning filming location, dates or a release.

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