At the End of the Day: Knightley’s Jaw, Sepinwall’s Book and Tarantino’s Feet

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But what a pretty jaw it is!

A pretty-fair ranking of all 28 Steven Spielberg films (Vulture)

In the latest Petreaus scandal/pop culture analogy, how “Mean Girls” explains it (New York Magazine)

44 likes 16: President Obama reportedly enjoyed “Lincoln” when it was screened at the White House (The Daily Beast)

The book “Midnight of the Garden of Good and Evil,” which was made into a terrible movie in 1997, will become a Broadway musical (New York Post)

Film critic David Edelstein has mentioned Keira Knightley’s jaw repeatedly over the years (The Awl)

The many intellectual movements who claim responsibility for “Twilight” (The Atlantic)

Quentin Tarantino talks to Playboy; you’d think he’d have chosen a foot fetish magazine instead (Playboy)

Alan Sepinwall’s book “The Revolution Was Televised” is now available (What’s Alan Watching)

Bob Mould’s new concert film has a Kickstarter (AV Club)

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