DVD Review: Storage Wars Texas: Season One

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Our friends out at A&E shipped over a big carton of delight for us to review for you, and contained in said carton was nothing less than Storage Wars Texas: Season One. While some of it might seem a bit familiar to the viewers out there–especially those who already watch and enjoy “Storage Wars” the way I do–there will be plenty of this that is unfamiliar and pretty nicely done.

“Storage Wars Texas”, much like its ancestor “Storage Wars”, once again follows that phenomenon of storage locker auctions and the often colorful cast of characters who frequent them, the difference here being that they’re entirely in Texas. Taking on the role of “colorful cast of characters” are the uncle-and-nephew team Ricky and Bubba Smith, operating from a resale warehouse in Lampasas, Texas, Lesa Lewis and her assistant Jerry Simpson, who also run a resale shop, “antique aficionado”, gallery owner, and replacement Barry Morris “Moe” Prigoff, and Long Island transplant / cutthroat / replacement Dave Hester Victor Rjesnjansky. The groups will go to auctions and duel to the…sale…over storage lockers. Naturally, there will be plenty of infighting and loads of banter between the storage warriors.

Yes, in a lot of ways, this is just more of the same. But by like token, considering how many folks out there enjoy Storage Wars, it was a safe bet that more of the same of what people enjoy would go over well. And admittedly, there’s not much in here that doesn’t follow the standards. Half the fun is watching the bidding, but the other half–potentially the slightly larger half–is watching the finds get valued. Finding the stuff that people dig up out of the depths of some storage locker is no less entertaining because it’s in Texas, and this cast is still putting up a very solid production.

Again, some comparisons between this one and the previous one are inevitable–seriously, watch two episodes with Moe in them and see if you don’t wind up saying “Yeah, he’s the Barry, all right”–and not entirely unwarranted. But the format that served “Storage Wars” so well has clearly served “Storage Wars Texas” just as well, and for the fans of the first, you’ll have something to keep your interest when the original lapses into reruns.

Storage Wars Texas: Season One is a lot of fun, and does reasonably well with keeping pace with its progenitor. It may not be the same fun you’re used to, but it will be just about the same fun. Short on originality, but long on laughs and surprises, Storage Wars Texas: Season One will be well worth watching.

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