Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs: Just Three Scenes, But a Whole Lot of Words

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Aaron Sorkin

We didn’t hear much for awhile about the upcoming biopic of Steve Jobs, which superstar screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was commissioned to write at some point last year.

But last week, Sorkin revealed some details about the form the new project will take, in an interview with The Daily Beast: The film, based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography, will consist of three long scenes, set in different times in Jobs’ career. The scenes will focus on the creation of the MacIntosh, the establishment of Apple successor company NeXT and the birth of the iPod.

No director or cast has been announced for the film, and its planned release timetable is unknown.

Sorkin also said in the interview that his HBO series The Newsroom, which rips storylines from the recent headlines, would not include anything about the David Petraeus scandal in its upcoming second season, because “the time line ends the day before.” That presumably means Season 2 will conclude with the presidential election.

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  • Curt Vendel

    Isaacson’s book was an interesting read. However his section of Steve Jobs first job at Atari before going onto form Apple Computer in the book turns out to be lacking a lot of important and key events, or really a better perspective of who Jobs really was early in his career…

    A new book that just came out to celebrate Atari’s 40th anniversary of PONG has a far more revealing and informative insight into Jobs time at Atari including input from Wozniak too, now available on Amazon its called Atari Inc Business is Fun and it is an 800 page testament to every facet of a company just as iconic and as an important in Silicon Valley History.