Greengrass’ MLK Assassination Movie Reportedly Back On

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Have you ever wanted to experience the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., rendered in chaotic shaky-cam? If so, it’s your lucky day: Paul Greengrass’ movie “Memphis” is reportedly back on, Collider reported. 

The film, about the final days of Dr. King’s life, his death and the manhunt for the his killer, was set up last year but fell apart after Universal backed out, but the project is reportedly back on after new financing was lined up.

Greengrass, the signature director of the Bourne franchise, has a pretty good reputation for someone who has demonstrated repeatedly that he has no idea how to frame a shot or aim the camera in anything resembling a coherent manner. His next film is “Captain Phillips,” a film starring Tom Hanks, which is about the battle with Somali pirates.

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