Smurfs 2 Trailer and Plot Have Arrived

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Yes, “The Smurfs” are getting a sequel to their 2011 cinematic tour de force. I blame the audience seducing charms of Neil Patrick Harris. He returns along with Hank Azaria as the diabolical wizard Gargamel. Again, it seems the real world and not the Smurf Village is the primary setting.

The Smurfette-centric plot revolves around fake Smurf creatures called the Naughties. Gargamel created them in an attempt to steal the Smurfs’ magic. Only Smurfette knows the magical spell that can transform the Naughties into real live little blue people. So Gargamel kidnaps her and brings her to Paris. Oh Gargamel, just admit you have a forbidden Smurfy crush and stop with this “magical” nonsense.

Having actual magic powers has made the evil wizard quite the celebrity in France. It’s like Jerry Lewis – only with magic! In classic villain fashion, he can’t let go of his rivalry with the Smurfs even though he seems to have a good life. The sequel is coming in 2013. Here’s the trailer:


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