Young Sherlock Holmes Joining the 1980’s Movie Remake Club

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It’s Elementary, my dear Watson. Just take a flick from the 1980’s, remake it, and reap the benefits – mystery solved.

It looks as if yet another cult favorite from the 1980’s is being rescued from cinematic obscurity.

According to a report by The Wrap, a remake of “Young Sherlock Holmes” will be joining the upcoming films “Red Dawn,” The Evil Dead,” and the in-production “Robocop,” in an attempt to recreate the childhood for legions of moviegoers that grew up in the era of glam rock and Reaganomics.

Such recent films as “Fright Night and “Clash of the Titans have followed this trend as well. Not to mention the new sequel (which is pretty much a remake) to “Die Hard creatively titled “A Good Day to Die Hardwhich is being released early next year in February.

Paramount Studios is talking to Evan Spiliotopolous to work on the screenplay, while original screenwriter Chris Columbus – the Home Alone director, not the explorer – will produce.

Featuring the celluloid super squad of Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall on production and Barry Levinson behind the lens, “Young Sherlock Holmes was initially released in 1985 to quite a bit of fanfare and lofty expectations. However, it underperformed at the box office – taking in $18 million (in 1985 money) – and underwhelmed in a critical sense – scoring a 65% on the Tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes. 

The film, which was aimed at family-friendly audience, focused on a young Sherlock Holmes (go figure) in his formative, boarding school years and primarily on his introduction to the Robin to his Batman,  John Watson. Lots of sleuthing ensues as murders conveniently occur and are brought to the attention of the budding detectives.

There will always be a warm place in my heart for this movie, as it was shown on HBO about ten times-per-day when I was a kid. My younger sister and I especially loved the chanting that was performed by the evil Egyptian cult, over-and-over again. I believe the words Rame Tep were the only discernible ones in the bunch, but the tune sure stays in your head. In fact, it’s still there – years later – as I write this.

Again, it seems as if the target audience of the new film is meant to be families, despite some disturbingly-violent situations and PG-13 rating of the original. The recently-named screenwriter, Spiliotopolous, is best known for penning such kid-friendly films as “The Lion King 1 ½” and “Night at the Museum.”

As of yet, no release date has been confirmed.

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    I hope they remake Teen Witch. I want to see how they reimagine the scene where Teen Witch’s friend battle raps the boy she has a crush on.