Blu-Ray Review: The Universe In 3D

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Our friends out at the History Channel sent over a little something unusual for us to review today, and for those of you who like your history big and basic, it doesn’t get bigger–or more basic–than The Universe in 3D. If you like your history to go back about as far as possible while showing off the power of your home theater gear, well, this is even better for that.

The Universe in 3D comes with three separate vignettes, each on their own Blu-ray. More specifically, you’ll get in on “Catastrophes That Changed The Planets”, “Nemesis: The Sun’s Evil Twin”, and “How The Solar System Was Made”. Each will cover different topics, closely relating to their names. While “Catastrophes That Changed The Planets” will be reasonably self-explanatory, talking about not only meteor strikes and the like but also the floods, fires and the like, “Nemesis: The Sun’s Evil Twin” will instead focus on the Nemesis star, a projected sister star to our own Sol, that may account for things like the extinction of the dinosaurs. “How The Solar System Was Made”, meanwhile, will focus on the forces that some suggest came into play in the construction of humanity’s current home.

Naturally, a hefty dose of this is conjecture, so you’ll be getting a lot of opinion thrown in here with the history of things, about par for the course when you’re talking about celestial events. There are lots of theories, and a whole bunch of maybe. Those looking for straight information will likely be put off by the sheer level of hypothesis going on here.

However, while history buffs might be split on the overall value on this one, one group will be absolutely pleased, and that’s those with extremely powerful home theater gear. Having a Blu-ray player and a 1080p television with a big screen and a good refresh rate, and you’ll get incredibly crisp, clear images; cauls of stars, planets, explosions, fire, everything you’d expect to see in something like this. Absolutely spectacular visuals will come along with this, even at just the Blu-ray / 1080p television level. Step up to 3D capability, meanwhile, and the visuals somehow manage to get better, with incredible realism–comets, planets, stars flying at you with that incredible optical illusion that is 3D–and that makes this one a visual feast no matter what plate it’s being served up on.

The Universe in 3D won’t appeal to all, of course, but for those who want a look at what might have happened, and what might have been, and want that look in a level of clarity and brilliance that will astonish all those who come in contact with it, then you’ll have everything you want and more right here.

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