Box Office Report: “Breaking Dawn” Leads Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2,”$43.1M. Second straight week on top during what was the biggest Thanksgiving weekend at the box office ever. That’s shocking considering that every store started their Black Friday sales on Thursday night.

2.) “Skyfall,” $36M. Like Christopher Walken and Michael Shannon, Javier Bardem is incapable of not being intimidating. Have you seen that commercial for the Lazarus Effect where he has on lipstick? Terrifying.

3.) “Lincoln,” $25M. Or 2.5 billion pennies.

4.) “Rise of the Guardians,” $24M. I went to see “Life of Pi” Sunday afternoon and was amazed at the number of parents and little kids who were in attendance when this perfectly suitable kids’ movie was playing in the same building.

5.) “Life of Pi,” $22M. Half of the box office take, by my estimate, was by people thinking they were seeing a delightful flick about a plucky boy and his adorable pet tiger.

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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