Fox, ‘Entourage’ Producers Making Pot Legalization Comedy

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With measures to regulate marijuana appearing on the ballot in the recent Presidential elections in a few states, smoking pot is all today’s rage and Fox is rolling high with a new series based on the drug-legalization campaign, reports Deadline.

‘The Happy Tree,’ from former ‘Entourage’ executive producer Rob Weiss, Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson is currently in development stages and it is not, I repeat, not a Weeds rip-off.

The concept is intriguing but seems a bit too ‘cannabis-culture’ for my tastes. A young corporate attorney suffers a nervous breakdown and quits his stressful job in search of a tranquil lifestyle on Venice Beach. To his surprise, he lands the position of marijuana ‘Legalize it’ spokesman. Oh boy.

Clearly, hilarity will ensue and probably ample amounts of (I’m assuming) forgetfulness, junk food and couch sitting.

The 20th Century Fox TV project is derived from a blind script deal with Weiss, who will co-write the show with Jay Leggett and Blake Leibel, who will co-executive produce with Lawrence Longo.

Will this be as successful as ‘Entourage’ or will ‘The Happy Tree’ be quickly left up in smoke?

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