Blu-ray Review: “The Bourne Legacy”

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With the recent “Skyfall” frenzy still hitting theaters, it’s a good time to remember that was another big spy in the roster, none other than Bourne. Our friends out at Universal sent over a copy of “The Bourne Legacy” for us to review, and not surprisingly, it’s going to be an action-filled slugfest the likes of which even the newest Bond would have to struggle to keep up with.

“The Bourne Legacy” doesn’t reunite us with Jason Bourne, oh no…in fact, the government program behind Jason Bourne is perilously close to being quite thoroughly outed. The government’s got to do all it can to get its program erased before it gets forcibly unveiled, and that means taking out the various agents involved to eliminate witnesses as well. But one agent, Aaron Cross, isn’t taking this lying down, and since he’s got a good dose of the genetic engineering soup as well, he’s going to put all those extra features to work to get himself free of the government for good.

While there are parts of “The Bourne Legacy” that can be a little on the baffling side, there’s no denying that there’s more than enough action to go around. Throw a whole lot of action into a plot as complex as this one’s packing in and it’s a safe bet that this one will be well received among action fans, thriller buffs, and spy movie fans alike. The last twenty minutes or so are going to be particularly exciting, even for a movie that’s clearly out to define itself by being just that. Watching the government get all paranoid is especially fun, especially when it looks like their latest super-soldier is about to spill the beans all over CNN.

As for extra features, not surprisingly, there will be a right bundle of them here. There’s a full complement of deleted scenes, several featurettes (including two with the whole wolf sequence, which is actually pretty impressive, and I don’t commonly care about most behind the scenes stuff), a commentary track featuring the director, writer, editor, the second unit director and the production designer, as well as some online-specific features through BD-Live and D-Box motion code, for those of you out there with sufficient home theater power to have a D-Box integrated motion system.

Rest assured that you’ll still be able to watch and enjoy the movie without the D-Box system, though.

“The Bourne Legacy” is an impressive piece of work, and though it may have some occasional issues with pacing, will certainly bring in enough action and thrills to go around. For those still doubtful on the value, the extra features involved should easily put it over the top into a movie well worth catching.

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