Wyatt Cenac Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

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As reported by Vulture yesterday afternoon, Wyatt Cenac is leaving The Daily Show. The droll, deadpan comedian has been with the show as a writer and correspondent since 2008. His last episode with the program will be on Thursday, Dec. 13, which will also be the last new TDS of the year, after which both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will go on their yearly, seemingly interminable holiday break.

While the flashier John Oliver is typically seen as the next likely breakout star from the current crop of TDS correspondents, to me the more low key, reliable Cenac is the signature correspondent of this era of The Daily Show. He’s probably best known  for his hilarious, gleefully inaccurate voice acting as a Muppet representing former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. However, for me his greatest achievement will always be the series he did in 2009 on how rapper Slim Thug was dealing with the recession:


There’s no word yet on what Cenac’s immediate post TDS plans are. He’s done several well-received stand-up comedy specials during his time with the show, and has also starred in the well-regarded indie film Medicine for Melancholy. He remains, as always, free to use the catchphrase that I made up for him – “Once you go Cenac you don’t go back,” – if he feels it will further his career in any way.

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