At the End of the Day: How I Met Your Killer, 20 Years of Chronic, Bye Bye #TeamBreezy and More

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Sorry, I got here five minutes late- when’s the part when Olivia Munn gets naked?

Mr. Skin has released his annual list of best nude scenes in Hollywood movies. He’s the only person who went to see “Magic Mike” for the cheesecake (Filmdrunk)

The controversial case that How I Met Your Mother is really about Ted Mosby being a serial killer (Pajiba)

An oral history of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album (LA Weekly)

A thinkpiece about The Soup (Acculturated)

In case you ever wondered who makes those online “supercuts,” here’s the answer (Slate)

Chris Brown has deactivated his Twitter account following a vulgar tussle with the great Twitter comedienne Jenny Johnson (Good Men Project)

Some examples of bad movies with great opening credit sequences (AV Club)

Two down, five to go: Izzy Stradlin rejoined Guns ‘n’ Roses (Rolling Stone)

A medical explanation of why Lindsay Lohan speaks “like an old lady with emphysema” (Jezebel)

Why “Wreck-it Ralph” is really about urban planning (The Atlantic)

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