Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored to Play Batman in ‘Justice League'; Reps Deny It

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Is Joseph-Gordon Levitt going from Robin to Batman or not? With conflicting reports in HitFix and Entertainment Weekly, we can say with aboslute certainty that…we can’t tell.

Rumors have been flying around the internet that “Batman” director and “Man of Steel” producer Christopher Nolan is taking JGL out of the “Dark Knight” trilogy and having him appear in his new Superman flick as Batman, not Robin. The cameo is supposedly a continuity piece to include JGL as Batman in the upcoming “Justice League” film.

When contacted by Entertainment Weekly, however, a representative for JGL declared the rumor false, even though the actor did not explicity turn down the idea of starring in “Justice League” when asked by HitFix over the summer.

So what’s really going on? Is this Robin to Batman thing just a rumor or is it a ruse to keep people guessing? Well, we can’t tell yet. People should really stop being such Jokers.


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