‘Justified’ and ‘Archer’ to Return in January/Make Life Worthwhile Again

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On Wednesday, FX announced return dates for four of its returning shows and announced a premiere date for one new one. So, for those who feel that life is nothing but a swirling, sucking eddy of despair punctuated by brief, false moments of hope, FX offers perhaps some small reason not to regret the moment of one’s birth in that both Justified and Archer, two of the greatest and most entertaining television programs of all time, will be returning with new episodes in January.

Justified Season 4 will premiere on January 8. This season will see Raylan Givens encountering the “hill people,” a Harlan County faction that has thus far not figured into the story. Then, on January 17, comes the return of FX’s Thursday night comedy block. The night will begin with back-to-back episodes of Charlie Sheen vehicle Anger Management, which due to an unprecedented deal with the cable network received an automatic 90 episode pickup on the strength of the ratings of the first ten episodes from earlier this year. The point of this arrangement is that it means the series will very quickly get to 100 episodes, which is typically seen as the minimum threshold for syndication. This will ensure that Anger Management reruns will be running in perpetuity (most likely on FX!) right next to the Two and a Half Men reruns which are currently running, ensuring that a mean-spirited, misogynistic Sheen vehicle in which he plays a character named Charlie will be playing somewhere on cable at virtually any given moment.

The good news is that the ingenious animated comedy Archer will be returning for its fourth season at 10 pm on January 17th, and will continue in the excellent Thursday at 10 time slot. At 11 pm comes the recently reordered Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Sandwiched in between the two at 10:30 will be the one new comedy series FX has ordered: Legit

Legit is a vehicle for up-and-coming Australian comic Jim Jeffries, which will take a Louie-like autobiographical approach with Jeffries playing himself.

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  • jane

    I remember one of my coworkers at DISH telling me that Archer would be back in January, but I’ve been looking for the actual confirmation. I’m so excited to see how they start this season off, and I’m even more thrilled that I won’t have to speed home to watch it. I got a DISH Hopper a couple of months ago and since it records up to six different things at the same time during primetime, I can always depend on my shows to be waiting for me. Last season the kids made it so hard to follow Archer because they were constantly stopping our old DVR from recording it so that they could watch their own cartoons.