Clip of the Week: “IT’S DICK!”

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Ian Somerhalder is on a bit of a hot streak. Starring on CW’s hit The Vampire Diaries, the actor won Entertainment Weekly’s viewer poll for “Favorite TV Actor.” He’s also rumored for the lead role in the inevitable “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie.

Before ‘Vampire’ the actor was on Lost for a couple of seasons, but before that he starred in a 2002 movie called “Rules of Attraction.” Directed by “Pulp Fiction” screenwriter Roger Avary and adapted from a Bret Easton Ellis novel, the film starred James Van Der Beek and was an especially look at turn-of-the-Millennium college life.

Here’s the movie’s best scene, in which Paul (Somerhalder) and Richard (Russell Sams) go out to dinner with their mothers, and absolute chaos ensues.

Ironically, it’s the guy who’s silent for the entire scene (Somerhalder) who’s the rising star now, while the ostentatious scene-stealer (Sams) was never in a movie of note ever again.

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