Jon Hamm to Continue Epic Win by Starring in ‘Epic Fail’

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Jon Hamm with some of his comedy pals

Not content with merely being ridiculously good-looking as well as being one of the most respected dramatic actors of his day, it’s clear that Jon Hamm has always really wanted to just do comedy. Of course, he’s great at that too, as can bee seen from his supporting roles in “Bridesmaids” and 30 Rock, as well as his well-regarded Saturday Night Live hosting stints and appearances on insider comedy nerd institutions like Children’s Hospital and Comedy Bang-Bang.

Hamm will be co-starring with Larry David in David’s very promising-looking upcoming HBO film Clear History, but thus far the handsome actor has not technically played the lead in a comedic film. Splitsider points out that this could change soon. According to Variety Hamm is “circling” (in Variety-speak) the lead role in an upcoming feature film comedy called “Epic Fail.”

“Epic Fail” is the story of a high school teacher (Hamm, potentially) who hires two of his students to kidnap his wife so he can “rescue” her and save their marriage. It was written by Kevin Costello, a first-time feature film writer who is part of an “emerging writers program” at Twentieth Century Fox and is to be directed by Mark Teitelman, an “ESPN veteran” who is starting a career as a comedy director after directing “Monday Night Football” among other things.

Clear History will be the next project Hamm can be seen in. After that, he’s set to star in “Million Dollar Arm,” a drama about a sports agent that Bradford Evans of Splitsider points out would make a lot more sense as a project for the ESPN dude to be directing.

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