CW Has Released Casting Call for Young Wonder Woman Project

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Fresh off a full season order for Arrow, it seems the CW is moving ahead with another superhero origin project. It’s looking for an actress around 5’8″ in her early to mid 20s to be the new Wonder Woman. Amazon would be an origin story in the style of Smallville , showing Princess Diana’s journey to becoming a superhero.

The casting call is for a character called “Iris,” which is just a codename to draw less attention to it. Safe to say that didn’t work. The description of the character makes it quite obvious what this is about. “Iris” is from a remote, secluded country and is a soldier and leader. She’s basically ignorant of our culture, and has the ability to sense if someone’s telling the truth. (There’s no mention of a magic lasso.)

Warner Bros. has struggled mightily with its non-Batman superhero films. It hasn’t been able to get Justice League off the ground, and Green Lantern underwhelmed. Its CW TV shows about heroes have done well. Smallville ran for 10 seasons, a lifetime for any sci-fi or comic book themed show. Arrow is off to an excellent start. There are a lot of reasons we can expect this to be better than the Wonder Woman pilot NBC passed on last season.

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