Spotify Unveils its Most Popular Songs of 2012

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Everyone and their mom uses Spotify these days. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or any other internet-capable device, the music streaming service is convenient, hip, cheap and vast — so it’s really no surprise to see everyone and their mom using it.

As published on Gizmodo, Spotify announced the most popular songs searched from its browser, globally in 2012. The results will probably not shock you:

Talk about ear-worms, huh? Rihanna (who exists essentially as a music genre of her own) unsurprisingly won the most streamed female artist, while David Guetta (who?) took the coveted prize for the males. His album ‘Nothing but  the Beat’ was the biggest album, while Coldplay was the most streamed band of  the year.

Of the songs half or so songs on the list that I recognize, I shamefully can half-tolerate about half of them, personally. But enough of my opinions — what was the best music release of the year in your opinion? (Comments down below please.)

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