Fan Fave Tyreese May Show Up in ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale

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The Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman let slip that a “big deal fan favorite” from the comic would show up in the Dec. 2 episode of the hit AMC show. A leaked promo seems to confirm that it’s Tyreese, played by Chad Coleman.

He’s best known as Cutty from critically acclaimed crime drama The Wire. In the same way that people looked at Ultimate Nick Fury and said “Hey, he looks like Samuel L. Jackson with an eyepatch,” fans of the comic long thought Tyreese and Coleman were a physical match. The minds behind the TV show agreed.

Tyreese is a former NFL linebacker. His skills in bringing the pain are a good fit for the zombie apocalypse. There’s already a lot of things going on as the AMC juggernaut approaches midseason finale. Rick’s group and the Governor’s folks are about to throw down. Andrea is continuing to demonstrate horrible taste in men. And now, even more survivors are entering the mix. The constant lesson of The Walking Dead whether it’s the TV show, comic or video game adaptation, is that zombies are bad, yes. But it’s the humans you really have to watch out for during the end of the world.


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