DVD Review: “Titanic Blood And Steel”

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Our friends out at Lionsgate sent out something new and interesting for us, a little bit of historical drama in the form of “Titanic: Blood and Steel”, a look at the wildly popular Titanic story from an angle that few many have expected. That alone makes this something of a rarity, but will a note of novelty alone be enough to make this one special?

“Titanic: Blood and Steel”, gives us, as mentioned, a different look at the Titanic; not her disastrous voyage or her secret love stories, but rather, her construction. As it turns out, there were plenty of exciting stories that went into her construction as well, from union strife to secret intrigues, and these are what we’ll be focusing on. While we know the end of the story already, it’s the beginning and middle we may not be so familiar with. That’s about to change, and change in a big way.

“Titanic: Blood and Steel” is actually part of a series that originally ran on Encore, making it part of a growing number of television mini-series sort of affairs cropping up on the outer bands of the premium cable networks. These series often have backing, so they’re not built with commercial consumption in mind.  It’s taking its time, following the plots to its fullest, being extremely deliberate in its pacing and its ultimate conclusion. It’s surprisingly satisfying, and ultimately, impressive to watch. Though there aren’t really any huge names in here–Neve Campbell may be the closest thing to an exception thanks to her “Scream” days–everyone’s going to do a very sound job indeed of acting on this one and be almost distressingly believable. The sets will be delightfully well designed and, in many cases, take your breath away.

That’s not to say there aren’t problems. “Titanic: Blood and Steel” has some distinct pacing issues; being as it’s six and a half hours long, it’s going to take its sweet time setting things up and getting us where we need to go. History buffs, meanwhile, will likely catch a few problems in here too. However, those willing to take the time and put up with some minor historical issues will reap a bounty of a sumptuous story of incredible depth and packaged in a delightful shell.

Bonus features here, will be a bit light. There are some audio options and your choice of English or Spanish subtitles, along with two featurettes, one a making-of, and one for the visual effects as well as trailers for “Boss”, “Mad Men Season Five”, and some promotional footage for Epix and Lionsgate television.

“Titanic: Blood and Steel” will tell a big and impressive story, though be sure to block out plenty of time because it’s going to take its sweet time getting there. It’s not one for the impatient or the historically focused, but for those who want a story of significant depth and power, then this one is going to fit the bill, and very nicely.

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