Check Out Vulture’s List of 2012’s ‘Most Memorable Pop Culture Quotes’

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It’s early December now, meaning by this time most entertainment news sites have switched over almost entirely to a year end best of, worst of etc. list format. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to delve deeply into a list of the year’s best movies or albums or television shows, the folks at Vulture have done the service of compiling a succinct list that digests all of the year’s pop culture into a few memorable quotes.

Besides having the advantage of only taking about 30 seconds to read this list is probably a better reflection our contemporary ADD-addled age than any other year-end wrap up. After all, isn’t this really how we consume and remember pop culture now? Through the handful of catchphrases and moments that we continue to quote years later, without even necessarily remembering their original context? (i.e. “I drink your milshake!” etc.)

So, from “A dolla makes me holla Honey Boo  Boo!” to “Zou Bisou Bisou” they’re all here, though I find the lack of Matthew McConaughey’s “I see a lot of laaaaaawwwwbreakers in here tonight!” suspicious.


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