DVD Review: Top Shot Season Four

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“Top Shot” has been a pretty big deal on the History Channel for some time now–though more than a few have noticed that a sharpshooting reality game show really has about as much to do with history as a chicken has with a space shuttle launch–and so, our friends out at the History Channel sent over a copy of “Top Shot Season Four” for us to review, and the formula doesn’t seem to have declined in quality any despite the fact that they’ve done this four times running.

“Top Shot Season Four” follows a group of sharpshooters selected from all walks of life for their impressive ability with firearms. Police, military, and competitive shooters, among others, are invited to compete in a series of challenges that will test their prowess with a variety of firearms and, in some cases, plain old projectile weaponry like crossbows and the like. This season, the stakes have never been higher as the winner not only gets a $100,000 prize package, but also a professional shooting contract with none other than Bass Pro Shops. With big money, bragging rights, and the chance to be a sponsored pro shooter on the line, who will emerge as this season’s Top Shot?

There are two great things about “Top Shot” that make it worth watching most every season, and this season is no different. First, they’ll always bring in some amazing weaponry, and this season will pack in some stuff that has never before been seen on the show. They’ll have grenade launchers, powder cannons, and stuff that you may well not even imagine seeing on a show called “Top Shot”. Second, they will always do something interesting with their competition design. For instance, this season, they started immediately with an elimination round. That’s right; they kick two people out within the first ten minutes or so of the show. Then they’ll segue in to team challenges, and an elimination challenge with two selected members of the losing team. Those team challenges will generally be unusual, and where you’ll really see some top-notch shooting.

Admittedly, for those who don’t like to watch impressive marksmanship, “Top Shot” will be somewhat dull. But they will put some very, very impressive challenges out there, and bring out weapons that commonly are never seen by most people, so watching that will be fun for many people, as evidenced by the fact that this is now in year four.

As far as extra features go, there will be a surprisingly substantial amount of them here, with your choice of English or Spanish subtitles available for starters, leading in to a collection of featurettes, including a closer look at the contestants themselves, their reactions to being selected for the show, their preparation ahead of the show, and a segment on rifles versus pistols.

“Top Shot Season Four” is going to be a very sound presentation, with lots of unexpected twists. Granted, the ideologically anti-gun out there won’t be happy at all, but for anyone with even a casual interest in gunnery, this will be a dream show and a great way to blow a couple afternoons.

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